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Denton Corker Marshall wins UTS design competition

Architects Denton Corker Marshall have won the design completion for a new state-of-the-art building for the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the corner of Broadway and Wattle Streets in Sydney.

The $170 million building, designed to strong environmentally sustainable principles, provides for 12 levels of research laboratories, lecture theatres, seminar rooms, teaching laboratories and academic offices.

The building is seen as a singular sculptural object, with floor levels concealed within the skin. The basic volume is broken or eroded by a ‘crevasse’ giving pedestrian access through the building and connecting with the surrounding locality. The volume of the building is then covered by four tilted and skewed plates – one for each fa├žade. These form a series of triangular openings at the corners which extend to ground level, allowing access and visual penetration.

The surface of each plate is creased to form a series of ‘gills’, visually reinforcing the sense of plate as skin and creating a semi-transparent screen. Further permeability is established by perforating the skin of each plate. Using the ‘1’s and ‘0s’ of binary code, the alphabetical character string for ‘University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Engineering and information Technology’ is translated and re-worked to create a perforated pattern on the skins.

The design targets a minimum 5-star Green Star rating, with an energy saving strategy expected to deliver a 30% to 45% energy saving over benchmark tertiary educational buildings with similar functional spaces.