House Zafiro | Francisco J. del Corral del Campo | Architecture

Spanish architect Francisco J. del Corral del Campo recently has completed the semi-detached house – House Zafiro located in Huetor – Vega, Granada, Spain.

"Next to the low-lands (Vega) of Granada, still a rural zone with spread constructions, we propose a volumetric disintegration as an answer to the compact volumes of the new housing placed on the surroundings.
We would like to show a contemporary way of living of two families with children. We consider the dwelling as a “programmed space” which shows its contrasted uses thanks to different volumes inside a continuous perimeter or “belt”." Francisco J. del Corral del Campo

In the garden. Ground floor.
Level 0Living spaces open to an enclose garden which contains the sound of the water on a pond. Thus, communal spaces are placed in continuity under the different volumes which seems “floating”.

Everyday’s life. First floor. Level 1
Light marks the change of uses. From “being” to “dreaming”, inhabitants have to cross narrow “floating corridors” full of light.From the main living room, parents go through the light towards a “wood cabin” which encloses the main bedroom, while children goes towards a “secret box”, closed from outdoor views, which contains their private spaces.

Sky. Roof. Level 1+
The central piece is a meeting place and viewing point to the Vega and the sky; the lateral one is conceived as an aroma’s garden; and the “wood cabin” shows a dry and contemplation garden on its roof.
Light, silence. Back courtyard. Level -1
The white and mysterious boxes lean on dark stone walls which frame the back garden creating a place for silence and concentration aside from other noisy uses upstairs.

The volumetric simplicity, the surroundings, and the different use of the spaces, propose themselves the building materials:Bright and plain white lime mortar cover the “floating pieces” and a textured white one is used for the enclosure “belt”.Pillars show its lightness, bending, moving or duplicating their dark and circular sections.On the basement, slate offers its brilliant darkness to walls and floor, and on the first floor, wood ipe planks cover the walls of the “floating cabin” and the pavement making it warmth.
Project: House Zafiro.
Two Houses in Huetor – Vega, Granada
Architect: FRANCISCO J. del CORRAL del CAMPO
Assistant: DANIEL MARCOS RUIZ (Architecture Student), RAMÓN BENJUMEA (Architecture Student)
Structural Engineering: JESUS HERNÁNDEZ MARTÍ.
Building Company: Zafiro promoción y diseño s.l.
Developer: Zafiro promoción y diseño s.l.
Place: Huetor – Vega. Granada
Main aim: Think about new ways of dwellingYear: 2009