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Livraria da Vila | Isay Weinfeld | Architecture

Livraria da Vila (Cidade Jardim) Isay Weinfeld, São Paulo, Brazil
This Livraria da Vila store is located in Cidade Jardim Mall, in São Paulo, Brazil.

We believe that in a commercial venue, a project must always be developed so to enhance the product, its in-store merchandising, and its sales. There are, undoubtedly, innumerable ways to achieve this goal, and it is probably the nature of each approach what distinguishes each project.
We, in particular, strive for solutions that will allow customers to experience the product as comfortably as possible.

The Long Barn Studio | Nicolas Tye | Architecture

Bedfordshire office Nicolas Tye Architects set about building this new studio for themselves when the
company outgrew a space in the director’s home. Called The Long Barn Studio, the building takes the form of a glass box with larch-clad ends. The south facade features a series of ‘pods’, also clad in larch, that contain a library, reprographics area, toilets and meeting room.

Frame House | H3AR | Architecture

Hugon Kowalski of H3AR has designed the Frame House located in Lukecin, Poland. The house has been developed from a rectangular box, walls and roof planes are met in angle, it is clean but dynamic.

Enclosed Open House | Wallflower | Architecture

Singapore based architect, Wallflower Architecture has created innovative architectural spaces amidst urban density for a homeowner in Singapore East Coast area.

The owners wanted a spacious, contemporary house that would be as open as possible but without compromising security and privacy at the same time. Surrounded by neighbours on four sides, the solution was a fully fenced compound with a spatial programme that internalised spaces such as pools and gardens, which are normally regarded as external to the envelope of the house.

By zoning spaces such as the bedrooms and servants’ quarters on alternative levels, i.e. 2nd storey and basement levels, the ground plane was freed from walls that would have been required if public and private programmes were interlaced on the same plane. The see-through volumes allow a continuous, uninterrupted 40-metres view, from the entrance foyer and pool, through the formal living area to the internal garden courtyard and formal dining area in the secon…

House 14 | Dane Richardson | Architecture

Australian architect Dane Richardson designed this house in Eagle Bay, Western Australia.

The large open planning of the main living room form the central core of the building; the space was divided into areas with clear functions. The volume of this space was divided by a large fire place and level changes. This achieved a connection with others in the space but enabled the different activities to seem slightly separate which has proved very beneficial when the house is at capacity.
The north facing terrace with its built in “fire box” is the focus of all outside entertaining. The open “fire box” provides a fantastic place to sit and star gaze in the evening.The planning divides the building into three wings. Children’s bedrooms, guest room, bathroom and games/tv room to the western side. The master bedroom and study to the eastern side and the main living volume & court yard central to these wings.
Cantilevers and exposed structural elements feature and further add to the strong li…

Seigle House | Lohan Anderson| Architecture

Seigle House Lohan Anderson Chicago

This single family residence, The Seigle House designed by Lohan Anderson in the Lincoln Park community, north of downtown Chicago, United States. The house design displays elegant modernism with contextual harmony, occupies two typical city lots and was designed for a couple with grown children who regularly visit and stay with their parents. Both in massing and exterior colours, the house consciously relates to the predominant neighborhood context of brick and stone residences. Its exterior façade is made of limestone on the ground floor and an innovative terra-cotta cladding on the upper floors. The familiar colours and textures of these materials harmoniously complement the residential character of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

The ground floor, the garage and the front and back yards are enclosed by a continuous stone wall. The volume of the upper two floors appears to be floating above the ground floor being separated by a continuous band of …

Dogan Media Center | Tabanlioglu | Architecture

Dogan Media Center Tabanlioglu

On Ankara-Eskişehir road, Doğan Medya Center is a distinctive media figure in the Capital city, housing Ankara studios of Dogan Media Group and its newspapers’ regional editorial offices, creating the basis of interaction between the brands of the group and providing a common source. Conceptually, the Doğan Media Centre is a simple glazed cube in response to an orthogonal site.
Configured within a basic planning module of a 4m x 4m x 4m cube and a structural module of 8m x 8m x 8m, the purist form has subsequently been remodeled, with the extrusion and attachment of smaller cubes, and simultaneously eroded by the subtraction of other cubic volumes. The building is consequently perceived as a sculptural grouping of related boxes of the same genus but with a variety of sizes, starting on the surface. The concrete structure reaches up to 7 stories by feasible use of galleries so that extra operative space created by mezzanines, whereas the standard is 4-4 ½ …