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Star House | AGi Architects | Architecture

Photographer Nelson Garrido
House designed by
AGi Architects | Bnaider, Kuwait.

Called Star House, the side of the house facing the beach has
floor to ceiling windows, affording panoramic views of the sea.

The design was initially for three detached houses, but the
client decided on a single residence with two bungalows and a

Photographs are courtesy of
Nelson Garrido.

The following information is from the architects:
Project Description
Nestled into the landscape, this beach house blends with the
natural topography of the coastline of Kuwait. It slowly unfolds
itself to the visitor, as it is approached from the desert.

Upon entry, one gets glimpses of the sea whilst going down to
the public space of the chalet. On this lower level, the house
extends into the landscape and the sea, accentuated by an
infinity pool in the garden.

The private side of the house, located at the entry level, is
concealed from the visitors by a bamboo wall. Bedrooms and
private living spa…