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House S | Roger Christ | Last Architecture

This specific construction assignment is a central topic of today’s urban development: the roof area as building site which can be covered with independent buildings – urban compression by utilization of roof areas as valuable building land.
 Thereby the architect is always confronted with the question of how to handle with the existing building in a contemporary sense. In the case of House S a 60´s bungalow, built by interior architect Wilfried Hilger for himself and his family.
 Due to space limitations the new owners, a family of four, decided to heightening the existing bungalow and furthermore to renovate the basic structure.
 To keep the bungalow’s typical character three single boxes were placed on a cantilevered flat roof, which are connected only by a glass corridor.
 The new structure creates zones with different qualities: in the south-west a meadow with a small apple tree, in the north a stone paved courtyard with a pine tree and in the east a roof terrace with a magnolia.

Ibermutuamur Building | DENORTE | Last Architecture

DESCRIPTION: “A building stands in all its complexity of lines on the eye. Sometimes, given its size and proximity of the spectator who contemplates it is impossible to perceive its volume, forcefulness, and therefore perceive it as a symbol.
Because we want buildings without coats, without haughtiness emblematic, not exorbitant budgets, buildings that speak of the people who make the company and that they relate well with others that are not part of it. Buildings, quietly, transcend, because charisma in the design found in those forms that survived their function.
Hence, beyond the building’s skyline symbol, the building show, free avant-garde building is the building that blends with the company that hosts and the surrounding environment, with the brand it represents. It is the building that never dies, because it becomes an icon of popular ideas …”

Architects: Roberto Gómez – DENORTE
Location: , Spain
Customer: Servicio de preventión deIbermutuamur, S.A. Year of Construction: 20…

Wildbach- & Lawinenverbauung | KREINERarchitektur | Last Architecture

Customer friendliness, openness and transparency, a functional floor plan solutions with offices, archives, a canteen, a meeting room and a multifunctional foyer featuring the construction of the torrent and avalanche control in the south Liezen.
 The curved building of the office building, storehouse, and the cubic orientation workshop with docked down to the impressive panorama Grimming, offering light-filledrooms and adapt sensitively to the surrounding landscape.
 The materiality of the ensemble takes clear content related to the Torrent and Avalanche Control: from untreated larch wood, glass, raw stone, concrete and waterradiate authenticity, sustainability and love of nature. Seating for the light, translucent, filigree wooden body of the upper floor firmly on the “base” of slate-green serpentinite -stone gabions on – penetrated only by the glass portal that is the view onto the pond, thewave motion in the evening sun on the natural exposed concrete walls of the foyersreflects.

South Mountain Community Library | Richärd+Bauer | Last Architecture

Academic libraries and public libraries have very different missions. The first are the home of term papers and cramming for final exams, the latter have story time and need to stock the latest John Grisham novel. They even “tend to be very different in what materials they collect and how they go about things,” says James E. Richärd, AIA, of Phoenix-based architecture firm Richärd+Bauer, down to the fact that “academic libraries do everything on the Library of Congress system, and the public libraries use the Dewey Decimal system.” But in Phoenix, the two have been combined in a new joint venture between the South Mountain Community College and the Phoenix Public Library system.

The 54,000-square-foot South Mountain Community Library, which was designed by Richärd’s firm and opened this fall, is located on the eastern edge of the college’s campus. The two-story structure is clad in a copper rainscreen and capped by five glazed volumes that serve as lanterns after sunset. “From the sit…