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Ateliers Ciudad de las Artes | Lucio Morini | Last Architecture

Argentinian studios Lucio Morini
and GGMPU Architects have completed a
campus housing artists’ studios in Cordoba, Argentina.

Called Ateliers Ciudad de las Artes, the project encompasses ten studios
organised around an interior plaza.

Each unit includes a double-height studio and living quarters, leading to
an open terrace on the roof.

Sliding glass panels allow each studio to be connected to the plaza
within, while the exterior features folding perforated metal shutters.

The following details are from Lucio Morini:

These studios belong to the Córdoba Province City of the Arts, a campus
housing painting, sculpture, photography, and music schools.

They are to be lent to invited artists for short periods of time, so that
they can live and work in them and develop their work within a private realm,
while sharing their life and work experience with the students.

A continuous strip defining the edge of an interior plaza, it holds 10
studios -8 for painters …

Distance of Fog | StudioGreenBlue | Last Architecture

Japanese architects StudioGreenBlue
have completed a house in Kōnosu City, Saitama Prefecuture, Japan, with an
interior featuring white perforated screens throughout the space.

Called Distance of Fog, the project incorporates metal screens to provide
sense of privacy within the open-plan space.

Th perforated partitions each have a different pattern and have been
arranged to overlap each other.

This overlapping creates a constantly changing pattern depending on the
angle of the viewer and provides a distorted view of whatever is behind the

Here’s some more information from the architects:
This house is called “Distance of Fog” and it is situated in the suburbs
of Tokyo.

The project site is located on a cul de sac with seven other single
family homes.

Cul de sac’s in Japan often are used as a common space for the families
that live on them, and they are often used as children’s playgrounds or
places of gathering.

But unfortunately, most suburban Japanese homes tend to b…