Green Shadow House | Mutsue Hayakusa | Architecture

Green Shadow House by Mutsue Hayakusa

The design concept of the house is the repeated use of the right angle that harmonises with the grid pattern and the simple vertical growth of the Japanese larches.
The plan design of the house is L-shaped with one part of the L intentionally supported on a column above the Western slope to make the building stand out.
Various sizes of rectangular parallelepipeds form the basic design and the various sizes of windows generate either an open atmosphere or a secluded and cosy atmosphere.Between every rectangular parallelepiped, outer walls extend into the room space, dividing the house into its constituent parts. The windows of the house frame the views of the land, trunks, branches and treetops from the house’s elevated position, so people feel they are looking at projector slides of the landscape. The building’s outer walls are deep black and the inner walls are white to reflect internally the landscape colours, which are predominately green from the trees and grass.

Location: Karuizawa,Nagano Prefecture Type: Villa
Structure: Reinforced concrete, timber frame 2 stories  
Site area: 1,175.67 sq m
Design Period: December 2005- April 2006
Construction Period: May 2006- January 2007
photo Takeshi YAMAGISHI