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The melbourne rectangular stadium by cox architects is the latest sports
facility to go up in the sports capital of australia. The stadium will have a capacity of 30,000 spectators when complete in 2010, when it will house the melbourne victory soccer team and melbourne storm rugby club.

Its bubble-like bio-dome which will be covered with thousands of LED lights. the
roof is inspired by buckminster fuller’s geodesic dome and its unique cantilevered design will
provide excellent sightlines while covering the seats.

The stadium will also house a sports medicine facility and administration complex for many of the city’s sports organizations.

The bio-dome roof features a steel structure that will be strengthened by custom panels that fit in the recesses. While the design is very strong and uses 50% less steel than a typical cantilever structure, it required scaffolding to support it during the construction phase.

Once the panels are put in place the scaffolding will be removed and the roof will support itself.
These panels will come in three options: glass, metal and louvers. the building also has a number of environmental features such as rain water collection, natural lighting and ventilation and many sustainable material options.

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renderings by cox architects