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Uni architects Xsmall

Chaewon Kim + Beat Schenk of uni architects have sent in images of their project xsmall

The residential residence consists of three rotated 16-by-22-foot boxes with four corner skylights, giving rooms natural light with minimum windows and maximum privacy.
The house is finished in marine plywood, usually used in boat-building.
The grain is broad and pronounced, creating the appearance of a huge piece of furniture. each floor of xsmall has a different look and feel (marble on the first floor, oak plywood on the second), but allare connected by a pared-down wooden staircase that threads through the space.

Architects: uni (chaewon kim + beat schenk)
Location: cambridge, ma
Design year: 2006
Construction year: march 2006 - august 2006
Constructed area: 1,100 sf
Photo copyright to uni