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BIG architects: ZIRA island masterplan

Bjarke ingels group (BIG) has released their master plan design for the island
of zira off the coast of azerbaijan. The island has an area of 1,000,000m square and will undergo a full revitalization to become a zero-energy resort and entertainment city.

The design is inspired by the seven peaks of azerbaijan, which form the skyline view, which is visible from the capital of baku. Under this concept BIG has developed a sustainable urban development which uses the landscape of the country has a theme in its revitalization.

Each mountain is a building in the development and conceived of as an entire eco-system
in itself. The island will use solar, wind and wave power to supply it with energy allowing it to operate completely off-grid with zero-energy efficiency.

Unlike some of the extravagant development in the middle east, this new development takes the particular climate of the area into account, hoping to pave the way for future eco-conscious projects.